5 tips to buying a new garden table

Of all garden furniture, the table has to be one of the most important pieces.

It needs to amazing as well as providing a high level of comfort, especially as it is usually the focal point of the garden area.

This is not an easy task to find the perfect combination of looks and comfort, however, I have put some tips together to help you buy your perfect garden table:

1. The size

The size of the table you choose will play a vital role in its comfort and functionality, as well as how it will look in comparison to the size of your patio.

Smaller tables may look cute, however, you obviously need a generously sized garden table if you have a large family or host backyard parties on a regular basis.

Ideally, it should be large enough to enable everyone to sit comfortably.

2. Style

Another consideration is what style you are going to choose. If you plan on using it frequently, then you might want to consider investing in one that will have a parasol hole, which will allow you to buy an umbrella for it, or even a matching pvc table cover.

Extra pvc tablecloth information.

3. Shape

The main shapes to choose from it comes to tables are – rectangle, square, circle and oval. The one you choose will be down to preference. However, my personal favourite is round shaped tables, as it allows everyone sitting there to be social.

Obviously, what you choose will come down to how much space you have available and how big your family is.

It may also be worth considering a rectangle shape. These days there are lot of them that are extendable. This is particularly useful when you have guests over to eat, and you need the extra dining space.

4. Quality

This will be directly linked to the price you pay. However, the materials that are used to make tables will have a huge difference in the quality and aesthetic appeal.

Sometimes the difference between the low and highest quality materials are hard to notice.

Aside from giving your garden table a touch of elegance, quality materials such as pine and teak will last a lot longer and can potentially end up paying for itself in the long run as you will never have to replace it. Cheap materials such a vinyl wood end up having to be replaced after a couple of seasons which can be frustrating as well as costly.

5. Price

In today’s economy, having to spend a small fortune on a garden table would simply be foolish.

However, skimping and going for the cheapest model will only lead you having to buy another in a few years time. I would suggest, if you are on a tighter budget, going for something mid range which will likely last you a lot longer than something really cheap.